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Why buy at Witco

  • Genuine Products

    All products sold on witcoindia.com
    are brand new and 100% genuine
    from international & national brands.

  • Shortlisted Styles

    We don't believe in wasting your time
    with endless choices. Choose from our
    hand-picked styles across all categories.

  • Expert Packaging

    All our products are packed in premium
    cartons with cushioning to ensure they
    reach you safe.

  • Qualified Advice

    60 years in luggage, bags and accessories.
    It all translates into valuable experience
    which you can rely on.

  • Free Shipping

    On all orders for limited period.
    We use internationally renowned
    FedEx to deliver our products.

  • Cash on Delivery

    Available on most products for
    a worry-free shopping experience.
    No extra charge for limited period.

  • 30-day Return

    You are free to change your mind.
    Return within 30 days to get a
    full refund.

  • Service Centre

    We are always there to serve you.
    Bring any bag to our retail outlets and
    we will get it serviced for you.

About Witco

We are South India's largest multi brand retailer in premium luggage and bags.

We have handpicked products for all travellers, from the daily commuter to the international traveller. We offer an unparalleled assortment of the leading international and national brands for Luggage, Travel Bags, Laptop Bags, Business Bags, Backpacks, School Bags, Handbags and Accessories.

For over 60 years, we at Witco have empowered our customers to be travel ready. You can check out of Witco with the complete confidence of having purchased 100% genuine products. When our customers shop with us, they usually come back for more and recommend us to their friends. In fact, repeat purchases and recommendations from friends account for a large percentage of our sales.

At Witco we're committed to providing each customer with superior service, from qualified advice to expert packaging.

We love to hear from our shoppers, so please feel free to Contact Us.

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